MBC Front Runner Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV) Germany


MVV is the Public Transport and Tariff Association of the MVV region. This region consists of the City of Munich and the eight surrounding counties with a total of 176 municipalities. MVV’s main responsibility is the coordination of all public transport services within the MVV region (more than 40 PT service providers). It is also responsible for the planning of tariff, providing travel information (physical, online & via App), conducting transport and market research, collection and distribution of revenue from PT services, long term conceptual planning as well as planning of suburban and rural bus lines. MVV has been (and is currently) actively involved in several EU research projects such as ASTUS, MORECO, PUMAS and SaMBA.  Due to this MVV is a crucial bridge between the research field and the real-life enablers for the implementation of new solutions.

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