Monitor the Mobility Behaviour Change through ready made surveys

How MBC Survey works?



Understand your citizens’ mobility behavior

You will be able to launch your Mobility Survey to understand more about your target users starting from a ready made embedded survey that the MBC Platform makes freely available, and which can be customized. The questionnaire template (available in English, Italian, French, German and Slovenian), at the moment, has been set up to evaluate “What has changed in mobility habits following the COVID-19 pandemic” (you can see here a preview). You will also be able to collect and make public the statistics of the answers to the questionnaires without having to carry out further processing.

Launch your Mobility Survey and get insights from your audience (it requires to be registered on MBC as a Front Runner)

Become a Front Runner

The SaMBA Tool for finding policies & estimating impacts in term of Mobility Behaviour Change

Public Administrations, Enterprises, Researchers:

Find the policy that best suits your context

This tool provides decision support for public authorities, policy makers and planning experts by introducing incentive-based measures that support a mobility behaviour change by promoting sustainable forms of transportation. The tool allows to filter recommendable measures based on transport political goals and characteristics of the target area and to show impacts of measures derived from best practices.

The tool is implemented with the help of Microsoft Excel, which allows access for a wide audience and is easy to maintain and extend. An optional GIS component provides additional analysis and visualization options, e.g. to identify potential action areas for certain measures and present them with the help of a map.