Our mission is two-fold, helping you and helping the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold, helping you and helping the planet.

Our Mission

Many environmental problems such as air quality, pollution, climate change are closely related to traffic and congestion and therefore to people’s mobility choices.

Our mission is two-fold, support public administrations, individual citizens, enterprises and different other kinds of stakeholders who want to move unstainable mobility habits to more sustainable ones and help fight climate change.


About the Platform

The MBC platform is a transnational virtual community that animates the discussion around mobility behaviour change measures and initiatives.

The MBC Platform focuses on the aspects and factors that could influence a person in his actions and his mobility choice and answers to questions like which are the key influencing factors, which can be the actions of intervention aimed at changing people’s behaviour and in what modalities a real change should be promoted.
Moreover, the MBC Platforms aims to support stakeholders with operational tools which are at free disposal on the platform and which serve to monitor mobility habits, launch challenges to collect ideas and solutions from the community that are useful for solving specific local mobility problems, co-create the measures and chose the most appropriate measure to be adopted also preliminary assessing its main impacts.

The MBC team in 2020

How the MBC platform was born

The MBC Platform was born within the European Union co-financed Interreg Alpine Space project SaMBA – Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region (www.alpine-space.eu/projects/samba) and has been developed by the LINKS Foundation together with the contribution of the SaMBA Consortium and the experience of the nine pilot cases developed in the project.

The SaMBA Consortium is composed of: Regione Piemonte (lead partner), LINKS Foundation, Province of Padova, City of Chieri, Department of Isère, Regional Natural Park of Vercors, City of Salzburg, Research Studios Austria, Munich Transport and Tariff Association, BSC, Business support centre L.t.d. Kranj, Municipality of Koper, University of Ljubljana and Climate Alliance.


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