Co-create your Mobility Behaviour Change initiative

How MBC Challenge works?



Find solutions for your MBC Challenge

By creating your MBC Challenge, you are asking for insights to the MBC Community to solve the mobility problems of your context. Solutions can come from start-ups, enterprises, and institutions, which can submit their ideas through the platform.  

You can keep the community updated on the following steps of the challenge, attach relevant documentation, download all solutions, and announce winners for that Challenge.

Launch your challenge and get insights from your audience (it requires to be registered on MBC as a Front Runner)

Citizens, Enterprises, Startups:

Give your solution to the MBC Challenges

Without registration in the platform, you can browse all MBC Challenges and propose solutions to those that interest you the most. As a start-up or enterprise, you can pitch your product/solution to public administrations. The proposed solutions can only be viewed by the Challenges’ promoters.

Launch your challenge and get insights from your audience



a Tool for stakeholder analysis

Carry out a stakeholder analysis for your MBC project with SEROI+

SEROI+ is a methodological tool that combines socio-economic and environmental return on investment (SEROI) assessment with open innovation (OI). OI is a process that enables public or private entities to involve all relevant stakeholders in identification and definition of goals and objectives, identification of measurable indicators and expected impacts, and in co-design and co-development of new products and services.

SEROI+ tool supports public and private bodies in selecting, developing and designing new products and services that respond to the needs of their communities and target areas.
In order to streamline the goals of the SEROI+ methodology and the collection of data that would be comparable among the contexts of different pilot cases, we have designed and developed an interactive tool.

The tool is freely available at and requires simple login with desired email or username and password to access the tool and to view and edit your saved projects. In the tool you can save multiple projects. A project typically includes one main goal, multiple stakeholders, one co-creation design target, impacts and indicators for every stakeholder. In the projects dashboard you are able to view, create, edit and delete projects and you can also download and print project overview document.