With the WeCity app, when you pedal, walk, and use public transport, you avoid CO2 emission and accumulate credits in a playful way


Project aimed at promoting sustainable forms of mobility, mainly urban and suburban, and the diffusion of electric propelled vehicles, through social networks and a prize game based on mobility.


The project through the use of the app and the concept of gamification stimulates the user to assume a sustainable mobility behaviour. The app allows to track the movements and calculate the kilometres travelled and the CO2 saved by walking, by bike or using public transport. The savings are converted into points that can be used on the online store to take advantage of discounts for purchases.


The app was launched nationwide between March and April 2015 and within a few months reached almost 20,000 downloads, with over 1 million kilometres pedalled, around 10,000 per day, and more than 200 tons of CO2 saved.

Lessons Learned

WeCity proves that citizens want to get involved and contribute to respect the environment.