SaMBA Tool

Finding policies & estimating impacts in terms of mobility behaviour change


Due to the value and the effectiveness of incentives, incentive-based approaches regarding mobility behavior change are already used in policy planning in some cases. Furthermore, some tools regarding mobility and sustainable transport solutions already exist. However, only a few of them concentrate on incentives for behavior change or include a GIS component. This is a gap that the SaMBA tool addresses by utilising Microsoft Excel, which provides a comprehensive but easy to use database with recommendable measures, and an additional ArcGIS component with more analysis options for users with experience in this field.


This tool provides decision support for public authorities, policy makers and planning experts by introducing incentive-based measures that supports a mobility behavior change by promoting sustainable forms of mobility. The tool allows to filter measures recommendable measures based on transport political goals and characteristics of the target area and to show impacts of measures derived from best practices.

The tool is implemented with the help of Microsoft Excel, which allows access for a wide audience and is easy to maintain and extend. The  optional GIS component provides additional analysis and visualization options, e.g. to identify potential action areas for certain measures and present them with the help of a map.

The tool can be adapted in different ways. For an easy modification, the demonstration of possible extensions by additional goals, parameters or measures and further insight into the utilised spatial analysis methods, a guideline including a detailed documentation is provided.