MBC Front Runner Magistrat der Stadtgemeinde Salzburg Austria


The City of Salzburg is a medium-sized town with 156.000 inhabitants in the middle of Austria. It is a very touristic town and an important hub of working places for the whole area. Due to touristic flows and daily commuters from the surrounding area traffic congestions are a main problem for the town. Mobility behaviour change envisaged in SaMBA project and other activities like the Smart Cities initiative therefore are crucial and necessary for the town.

The Magistrate of the City of Salzburg, Department 5, Spatial planning and Building authority is the administrative body in charge of the spatial and mobility planning within the City of Salzburg. This includes spatial development concepts, zoning, building development, mobility management and cycling strategies. This Department is responsible for the implementation of the SaMBA project in the City of Salzburg.

MBC Goals

To foster sustainable modes of transport and to develop and conduct incentives and rewards for a more sustainable mobility behaviour are important tasks for a livable City of Salzburg in the future. In two building sites in Salzburg, a refurbishment project and a new building project, strategies and measures of mobility behaviour change are introduced and initiated to trigger sustainable mobility behaviour changes within the community of dwellers.

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